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Less Lethal Instructor Course:

"Hard to improve. Well put together"
          - Sgt. Sean Mason, Nevada County Sheriff’s Dept.

"Instructors were Awesome as I expected. The course was well taught. I will highly recommend to other agencies."
          - Jeff Rabine, SDCC Police Dept.

"The inclusion of instructor development concepts and teach back sessions is not found in many instructor courses. All material was well presented. Great class overall—well worth the trip down."
Ken Hardesty, San Jose Police Dept.

"The instructors were great. They kept the students’ attention through good lectures with class participation and good visual aids."
          - Stephen Tripp, Nevada County Sheriff’s Dept.

Patrol Rifle Instructor Course:

"The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional. The course contained an excellent balance of tactical skill building and instructor development."
Sgt. Eric Lee, Laguna Beach Police Dept.

"Strengths of the class: Instructor knowledge, organization and the ability to present to the class. Good usable information that will make my job (as an instructor) better and safer"
          - Officer Bob Van Gorder, Laguna Beach Police Dept.

"New and innovative techniques were taught as well as standard operations. The tactics taught were fully explained in a manner which will be helpful for taking back to our people."
          - Aaron Blonde, San Marino Police Dept.

Diversionary Device Instructor Course:

"The knowledge, reputation and experience of the instructors. Also, the class is well planned and put together."
   - David Cramer, Escondido Police Dept.

"Great information! I feel very prepared to take this info back to my P. D."
   - Josh Hinson, Upland Police Dept.

"Excellent, knowledgeable, credible instructors. Attention to detail and safety at all times. Willingness to share information and subject matter expertise. Great Course."
        - Tim Murphy, California Sate Parks Law Enforcement.

"Good use of PowerPoint & videos. Instructors were very knowledgeable! Great pleasure to attend. Would highly recommend this course"
    - Kevin Boddy, Garden Grove Police Dept.

 Active Shooter Response Instructor Course:

"To ensure quality control, not only does NTC utilize student teach-back sessions, but the students are placed in the role of 'instructor' throughout the course, including the culminating scenario.  Not only does this assure the NTC staff that the personnel they are certifying are competent instructors, it reinforces the confidence level of the individual student in the material, and at times, pushes students beyond their comfort level.  Outstanding course."  
         - Ken Hardesty, San Jose (CA) Police Dept.


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