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National Training Concepts is a California POST certified tactical training provider for the law enforcement community, including SWAT Teams.  Our courses include Active Shooter Response Instructor, Diversionary Device Instructor, Less Lethal (12ga, 37mm  & 40mm), Patrol Rifle Instructor, Tactical Weapons (M-16/MP-5) Operator and Critical Incident Management presentations.   All of these are California POST approved.  In addition, we provide programs specifically tailored to fulfill requests for basic and advanced instruction on topics such as specific firearms systems (handguns, assault rifles, sub-machineguns and shotguns), active shooter/rapid intervention response, room entry & clearing and critical incident management. 

NTC was created as a California corporation in 2003 with the intent of providing professional tactical and firearms training to the law enforcement community. We provide instruction in P.O.S.T certified and custom training courses on a department level as well as an individual basis. Our goal is to provide our students with the techniques and knowledge that will make them increasingly more safe and effective in their work. NTC has a mobile training unit that trains Law Enforcement and Correction Departments from all over the country.

All of our instructors share the NTC philosophy that The student is the most important person in the classroom. Our instructional expertise and tactical know how are extensive. The results have been evident over and over again through positive comments from our students who often speak of their NTC experience as one of the best classes they have ever attended". We are proud of the fact that NTC consistently provides quality instruction and rewarding training experiences for California law enforcement. Our commitment: To be the best at what we do.





Courses Just Added!

SWAT Operator Update Course
Date: June 25, 2015 (8 hours)
Host Agency: Northern California Regional Training Center, McClellan, CA. This one day course will review and update tactical team leaders, commanders (and operators) on their duties and responsibilities.
Topics of instruction will include leadership, decision making, operational lessons learned, case law, liability issues, recommended practices and standards, operational issues, and other relevant topics. It is open to SWAT Team members and also narcotics teams, search warrant teams, etc. Tuition: $85 

Critical Incident Management Course
Date: June 26th, 2015 (8 hours)
Host Agency: Northern California Regional Training Center, McClellan, CA. This course provides patrol officers/supervisors and other law enforcement personnel with the basic knowledge and skills to manage a variety of critical incidents.
Topics include types of critical incidents, decision making, leadership, risk management, tactical considerations, CP operations and learning activities. Tuition: $88 California POST Plan IV 1076 24190-14007  

Active Shooter Response Instructor's Course
Date: August 4-7, 2015 (32 hours)
Host Agency: Carlsbad Police Dept.
Tuition: $495 ($450 for students with current, individual CATO membership.) This 32-hour course will provide the student with the knowledge and ability to instruct his or her agency personnel in the history, tactics and concepts necessary for law enforcement personnel responding to active shooter incidents. Students must demonstrate their proficiency with the firearm in related drills, during class presentations, and a written test. California POST Plan IV 1076-22309-15001  

Less Lethal Instructor’s Course
August 17-18, 2015 (16 hours)
Host Agency: San Jose Police Dept., San Jose CA
This two day comprehensive course will develop students as agency instructors in the use of less lethal munitions and launchers.
Topics of instruction include instructor development, use of force and liability issues, the different types of munitions and launchers currently available, tactical considerations, deployment procedures, suggested less lethal policy concerns, medical issues and proper documentation. Tuition $277 ($250 for students with current, individual CATO membership. Please notify us at the time of registration if you are requesting this discount.) Calif. POST: 1076-30985-15001 





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